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Fall is brewing season


All grain batch #6. We wanted to repeat last year’s success, and deliver some high quality craft beer to this year’s Sheep Head party at the institute. However, running a little late, we skipped the process of making our own recipe…

Batch #2: Pilegrim

Beer: Kinn Pilegrim from Vestbrygg (recipe here) Brewing date: 11. February 2015 Planned Bottling date: 25.February 2015 Alcohol content: approx. 4.7% Ended up with 24L ready for fermentation During meshing we underestimated the power of our fancy new stove and…

Batch #2: Stout

Our second batch was a stout, brewed after the recipe from Vestbrygg, Kinn’s Svart Hav. I can’t find the brewing notes, so there’s not much to write here. Mashing returned too little sugar in the wort, which was attempted compensated…

2014 batch #1: American Pale Ale


Beer: American Pale Ale from Vestbrygg (recipe here) Brewing date: 8. august 2014 Bottling date: 25. august Alcohol content: 5.0% Yield: 25L: Ended up with 24L