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What’s cookin’?


Batch #2 of 2017. Gale is not sleeping, and on Tuesday we brewed another batch. This was a SMASH IPA, short for single malt and single hop india pale ale. That means a simple recipe, which will allow us to learn…

Two in one

bottled and ready

December 3 was brewing night once again. This time our mission was to brew two batches for the GFI New Year’s party in January. Both batches were made on this dark December afternoon/night, and came right off the shelf at…

Fall is brewing season


All grain batch #6. We wanted to repeat last year’s success, and deliver some high quality craft beer to this year’s Sheep Head party at the institute. However, running a little late, we skipped the process of making our own recipe…

Batch #2: Pilegrim

Beer: Kinn Pilegrim from Vestbrygg (recipe here) Brewing date: 11. February 2015 Planned Bottling date: 25.February 2015 Alcohol content: approx. 4.7% Ended up with 24L ready for fermentation During meshing we underestimated the power of our fancy new stove and…

2015 Batch #1: Wheat beer

Alright, this time we switched to a classic one, the German Weizenbier. As ingredients we used 2500g  (50%) pilsner-malt, 2500g (50%) wheat-malt and the hops was H.Mittelfrüh 2.9%. For the yeast we used Hefeweizen Ale Yeast WLP300. Brewing date: 28.01.2015…

2014 batch #1: American Pale Ale


Beer: American Pale Ale from Vestbrygg (recipe here) Brewing date: 8. august 2014 Bottling date: 25. august Alcohol content: 5.0% Yield: 25L: Ended up with 24L