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Starting up: Basketball on Tuesdays!


We are gathering people to start a new Basketball group, for students and employees of all levels. So you are now welcome to come and play Basketball on Tuesday from 1p.m. to 2p.m., at the SIB Studentsenteret, starting the 07th…

Launching the new Social Hub at GFI


From now on, Geosupen is the umbrella for all of GFI’s social activities! Here you can find updates and information on all social activities at GFI, for regular and one-off events. All activities, such as brewing, football, volleyball, Cake Tuesday,…

Welcome to Geosupen’s web page! Find information and updates about regular and one-off social activities at the Geophysical Institute. Subscribe to activity calendar feeds, and sign up for gfi-social mailing list to stay informed.