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The newly opened London branch

The micro brewery has now become a multinational establishment. We had a kickoff on the 28th of August, 2012, where we made a batch of the famous American style IPA of 2011 from the Bergen branch. Our supplier in the…

Batch #4: American IPA

Beer: American IPA with Cascade hops from vestbrygg Brewing date: 26 October Bottling date: 8 November Alcohol content before secondary fermentation: 4.7 % Yield: approx 24L

Batch #3

Beers: Bock and IPA Brewing date: 9 September Bottling date: 14 September Alcohol content before secondary fermentation: Bock (2.6%) and IPA (3.3%) Yield: approx 40L

Batch #2

1 batch of Bock, and a smaller batch (5L) of Kerim’s “grocery store” beer with the yeast coming straight from the Ægir brewery in Flåm. Brewing date: 8. October 2009

Batch #1

The inaugural batches… Wheat Beer and Brown Ale.. Great success! (But could use more bubbles.)