Author: Morven

Smalahåvesupen 2017

Save the date! The most important event of the year will take place on Friday October 13th. Every fall, when the happy Norwegian sheep come down from the mountains, we celebrate and socialize. And of course, lamb’s head is on the…

First batch of 2017


The friends of the barley and hops have started up again for the year! The success of the New Year’s party is still fresh in memory, but this is no time to rest. We’ve heard the inhabitants of the Institute…

Successful Julesup


Around 30 people joined in a joyful advent celebration Thursday 1. December. In a great joint effort the Christmas tree was decorated and people enjoyed about 15 kilos of “risgrøt”. A great start of the holiday season!

Election brew “The Donald -ignorant IPA”


The brewers have been busy in the basement lately. This Wednesday we got started with the second batch of geophysical beer for the 100th Year anniversary for GFI. In light of last week events overseas we chose to brew 7Fjell…